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OWM is operated by master masons Dylan Eustace and Knight Ide. Dylan and Knight bring 30 years of combined experience in masonry, specializing in creating the finest stone work in New England. Dylan and Knight are artists whose primary medium is stone. As shown on our portfolio we do a wide range of projects, from historical reproduction fireplaces to modern patios. We’ve found our work demanded throughout New England by contractors and architects. We offer superb quality and efficient job site productivity.

We have an easy to manage method for estimating cost which benefits both the contractor and the customer. We estimate and bill for our labor rates by the quantity of work produced rather than by the hour. Most projects such as wall, sills and patio are billed by the square footage of finished product. This combined with materials expense results in the final price. This simple method allows the contractor or planner to work within budget and ensures clarity of communication between contractor and customer.

Olde World Masonry also operates a full service excavation service, this allows us to further benefit the customer by offering one stop shopping for a greater portion of the site work.

Enjoy your tour of our work.