Our Team


Dylan Eustace: Co-Owner         Cell Phone: 802 777-6362

Dylan was raised in a family of back-to-the-landers where doing everything for yourself with your own hands was the standard way of living the “good life”. Growing up in this most basic, creative way—in touch with nature and making do with what the land provided—fundamentally influenced Dylan’s exceptional work ethic and propensity for a career as a craftsman.

Upon graduating from high school, Dylan began an apprenticeship with a master stonemason, learning the art and craft of restoration masonry. Among the projects he completed during this partnership were the President Chester Arthur House in Vermont and the Samuel Huntington House in Connecticut.

Dylan moved on from this partnership to successfully work independently throughout New England as a stone mason. In time he formed a partnership with a friend from high school—Knight Ide. Dylan’s precision and passion for his stonework combined seamlessly with Knight’s broader skills in restoration. Together they have made a company that is well known for its outstanding productivity and beautiful stonework.

Knight Ide

Knight Ide: Co-Owner         Cell Phone: 802 777-5778

Knight was born to parents who made their livelihood through creative, down-to-earth pursuits: organic sheep farming, artisan candle-making, and post and beam restoration craftsmanship. Growing up under their creative influence, Knight found his own passion for artistic expression in drawing and sculpting. Throughout high school he spent his summers at the Governor’s Institute on the Arts and worked with his father doing post and beam restorations.

Realizing that his interests in both art and historical architecture could easily be combined in a career as a craftsman, Knight apprenticed himself to his father. Together they rebuilt covered bridges, barns, and churches throughout New England and eastern Canada. Knight’s building and engineering skills grew as a result. But perhaps more importantly during those years, he learned a key aspect of true success from his father: achieve the highest level of refinement in any pursuit.